What Every Bride Needs To Know To Get Started Planning A Wedding, Using A Wedding Checklist

Every Bride wants to have fun planning her wedding. She wants to feel confident about everything turning out just as she wants on her wedding day.
However, you may find yourself feeling feel confused and overwhelmed in planning your wedding.
Perhaps you don’t know where to start, or where to take your next step. You are worried that your wedding day will turn out badly.
This is probably creating unwanted stress for you and you are afraid that you might take it out on your fiancé.
You are probably feeling like it is out of your control and you wish to have the confidence that your wedding day will mark a truly successful married life ahead.
What’s really happening here is, that all those choices available to you in planning your wedding are causing you to be confused.
Too many choices equals, confusion and not knowing where to start.
If you could get your hands on a checklist system or formula that sets apart the most important items on a wedding checklist, then you would be able to overcome the confusion and overwhelm.
There is a really helpful wedding checklist system and I want to share it with you.
Let me step you through it right now.

Step 1
You begin by identifying your beliefs and values. Your beliefs are what you hold to be true to you. Your values are what you hold to be dear to you. By using your beliefs and values, you are creating your navigation system, like a compass to give you your direction in where to start planning your wedding.
Step 2
Get hold of your checklist and prioritise everything on your list, firstly according to what you need for your wedding and secondly by what you desire for your wedding.
You can prioritise your list using a star system or a rating scale of 1 to 5. One being the least important – Five being the most important.
Once this is done, you have now identified the most important items to you, factoring in what’s dear to you, based on your needs and your desires for your wedding.
Step 3.
Use your checklist with the high priority items being the ones you need to start focusing on first. If there are too many choices causing overwhelm, this is how you will be able to narrow down the choices and reduce your overwhelm. By focusing on your top priority items on your wedding checklist, instead of everything at once.
This 3 step system I have outlined here, is the first step and will help you to get started on your journey, going from wedding planning stress confusion and overwhelm, to confident and clear knowing exactly where to start planning your wedding.
Brides, you can access a free copy of the Wedding Checklist Formula in greater detail complete with a wedding checklist and step-by-step video tutorials… you can get hold of your free copy, of the Wedding Checklist Formula from [http://www.WeddingChecklistFormula.com]
My warmest wishes for a wonderful wedding day,

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