Making a Wedding Speech – What Not to Bring Up at a Wedding

The bride and groom often request for the special people in their lives to give wedding speeches during the reception. Speech givers usually include the maid of honor, best man and even the parents of the bride and groom. Wedding speeches are a few minutes long each and they bring perspective to the happy couple and wish them a happy future together. Most couples will choose a variety of speakers for their wedding reception to share their story of how they have experienced a life with the couple.
Wedding speeches are usually given by specific people that are selected by the bride and groom. For example, popular choices are often the best man, father of the bride, a close friend or relative and the groom and bride themselves. Each wedding is different and the couple can mix and match who they feel is best suited for speaking at their wedding. Some people believe that it is standard practice for the maid of honor and the best man to give speeches since they are usually the best friends of the bride and groom. Couples are not set on having certain people give speeches at their wedding, in fact, some couples choose to allow anyone to speak in an open forum. This allows anyone who feels that they have a special moment to share with the bride and groom to share their well wishes and provide a toast for the happy couple.
Speech Etiquette
There is a certain etiquette that should be followed with wedding speeches. These are unwritten rules, of sorts, that are the essential guidelines to what a person should say and how they should conduct themselves when giving wedding speeches. Start by introducing yourself and highlighting your relationship to the bride and groom. It is important to remember that not all members of the guest party will know all the other members in attendance. The start of wedding speeches should be something heartfelt that draws in the attention of the guests. This could be a story about the couple, a memorable poem or quote, or even a joke that everyone will understand and is not embarrassing to the bride and groom. Memories between the bride and groom and notable changes in each person and their happiness can also be discussed in wedding speeches.

At the end of wedding speeches the speaker will ask the guests to toast the bride and groom. Usually the speaker will need to give a few closing sentences that are essentially well wishes for the couple. Consider saying that you hope they have a long and happy life together or have many more special memories to come. The speaker should also coordinate with the servers to ensure that all of the guests have champagne or sparkling juice before a toast is given.
Most couples today will allow children at their wedding. Extra planning is necessary if you plan to have small children. A selection of kids activities such as small puzzles or books are always helpful at keeping the children busy when toasts are being given. This will prevent them from being disruptive. The bride and groom can also choose to provide the younger guests with milk or sparkling juice to enjoy during the toast so they do not feel left out.
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